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News From Hicksville
some names have been changed to protect the innocent.
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jarrah rocks
Heading home tomorrow morning, well as far as Myall Lakes then we'll see if we want to go to another campout further north or do the long haul and get back to the farm late on Tuesday night.
The idea of staying abit longer was thrown about these last few days, but we decided we have done enough and have spent enough and have seen just about everybody we needed to see (but with some not nearly enough) so we hit the road when the morning peak finishes.

We have all had a fantastic week and to finish off with the Newtown Festival was the best ...but more about that later.

Will say i have filled my 56MB chip in the camera so my first (or maybe second) entry when i am home shall have copious amounts of pics.

Saturday was Family Fun Day with Mindy and family, further_ahem, Z ,ville_lady and we also had AJ2's son Gus with us. Went to the park down on BlackWattle Bay in Glebe and set up in the shade of one of the giant figs for some picnic lunch. Full on afternoon keeping an eye on just five kids with six adults watching them and two of the kids are really slow ... but it was a laugh and i loved it and can't wait to do it again. Jarrah was having a ball interacting with kid and adult and wandering puppy dog and gus and z hit it off, slowly but eventually. And news we will be going back to the BlueMountains in October for mindy and scotts wedding at the HydroMajestic, ooooo thats gonna be a fun weekend.

Once home here and was so wanting to put my feet up but had to get on with fixing dinner for gus and j and getting them into the bath , then it was watch the start of the Credibles (*again) while we try to eat dinner then finally putting them to sleep around 8:30 ish. Then it was jump in the shower, spruce up a tad and shave off the hippy scruff for a Saturday night out for the first time in too long.

Went to The Duke and finally met miss_porcelain in the flesh, also suit_dude, along with ville_lady assorted others and my favourite stalker while i'm in the city of sin, mr further_ahem (you know i say stalker in the nicest possible way dude?). I had driven over so kept the alchohol consumption to a minimum but had a fabulous night anyway chatting with everyone and just being able to enjoy a night out on my own (although would ahve loved if AJ had felt upto it). Drove the ville and mr ahem home after and came back here via the back roads just to be safe, was buzzing when i got back so enjoyed a little smoke and got comfy on the couch to watch the rest of the Credibles.

Today was festy day in Newtown and waht a day it was. Caught up with and spent time with all the above mentioned folk as well as philosophish and the until now elusive A, mrg_of_e, mr kable and his porn star facial hair, our soon to be neighbours L&A&co.(fingers-crossed), mr metin, mr benson and his ever growing clan, a good surprise to see mr ahems bro J&co. and the biggest and bestest surprise a punch in my shoulder and i turn to see lucy whos saying "so why have you guys been avoiding me?" to which i reply " i heard you were overseas" to which she replies "yeah i've heard that rumour too" .. apparently mr kable has been stirring her with tales that me and AJ didn't want to see her (as if) when we were last down, not helped by new phone numbers and loss of contacts and the grape vine that loves to spread rumour as fact sometimes.

We borrowed a pop up tent from AJ2 (she came along for a few hours with gus) and set up a base camp around it in a fast growing crowd, in hind site we should have set up elswhere but hey , you can't unscramble an egg. The day at festy was sunny and hot, yet black was the colour of choice for many (and for some no choice what so ever i am sure). The music on the main stage was, well pretty lame but good enough at times to enhance the festivities. Checked out the doof dust bowl with j under my arm and that was pretty funky, j loved it and the first time over there he was laughing and bouncing around, then next moment curled up on my chest , asleep but with an arm still held up, bouncing as i stomped about. He had so much fun, too much at times and the only downsid ewas that apart from the doof hge didn't nap at all due to all the stimulation around him (probably dozed at the doof because he could relax to the overpowering bass thumps) and so was a bundle of mood swings as the afternoon progressed. He became a bit of a photography subject also, i swear at least half a dozen pro photographers came and asked to take his picture through the day ...would love to see the ones taken over at the doof dust bowl. Anyway ..more about it when i post some pics next week.

Wish i could be staying longer (six degrees of woodhouse is coming to town next week aparently) but as i said earlier am completly staisfied with what we have done and i'll be back in just a few months time. Also i am of course missing home, especially on these roasting days when theres not a swimming hole on sight.

To all my friends in sydney , thanks for all the fun and i'm missing some of you already.
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