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News From Hicksville

some names have been changed to protect the innocent.

17 October 1972
I'm an ex-urbanite gone feral in Northen NSW, with my partner and our son. We live on a 50 acre property between the Pinnacle and Wollumbin (mt warning) in the basin of the caldera, an amazing, peaceful and beautiful place.
Our menagerie so far includes chooks, ducks, cows and abundant wild thingys, we grow alot of our own herbs and vegies, planted out fruit trees and are wanting to revegetate some of our land with natives that previous farming has displaced.
When not pretending to be farmer and bush regenerater, i'm a chef of some skill, stone carver, amateur brew maker, bad drum player, wannabe painter and most important of all a father.
Into all types of music, watching good movies and trashy television, reading (books,comics,news,blogs,anything), and giving my opinion on practicly everything.
acid techno, alcohol, anarchy, animals, anime, aphex twin, arctic monkeys, arguments with conservative facists, art, beastie boys, beasts of bourbon, beck, bizzare, bjork, black beer, bob dylan, body art, bondage, books, brett whiteley, brewing beer, bush regeneration, bushwalking, butthole surfers, cannabis, chemical brothers, chocolate, clive barker, comedy, comic books, conspiracy theories, cooking, cyberpunk, dada metal, dead kennedys, discworld, doof, doughnuts, douglas adams, dr atomic, dr who, dragons, drums, duckman, electronica, enviromentalism, escapism, fabulous furry freak brothers, faith no more, fantomas, fatherhood, fetish, frenzal rhomb, frogs, fruit, funky bass, games, gonzo journalism, growing food, heavy metal, henry moore, history, horror films, hunter s thompson, ipecac records, jazz, jello biafra, kink, leunig, listening, live bands, lsd, machine gun fellatio, magic, manga, martial arts films, mdma, michael moore, mike patton, ministry, movies, mr bungle, muppets, mushrooms, music, mythology, nature, nirvana, noam chomsky, old punk, peace, peeping tom, permaculture, peter jackson, photography, piercing, pizza, planting trees, politics, quentin tarantino films, radiohead, rage against the machine, ren and stimpy, rugby union, sculpture, seafood, sex, smiles, soundgarden, south park, spicy food, spiders, splif politics, star wars, stone, tattoos, terry prachett, the dirty three, the family guy, the pixies, the simpsons, tism, tolkein, tom waits, tomahawk, toys, trees, urban myths, vampire films, vodka, watching, water, wicca, william gibson, wine, zappa, zombie films