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News From Hicksville
some names have been changed to protect the innocent.
glug glug glug 
7th-Jan-2008 10:47 pm
jarrah rocks
We've just had a few eventful days up here in my little bit of hicksville, even making it onto the teevee news show down in the big smoke. So i thought i better get a post up and let you all know how things are.

There had been non stop rain since before NYE, but then Friday night at about 11pm it started to bucket down and by 2am we'd had about 200mm of rain. I sat here on the computer and could here this massive roaring sound but was unable to venture outside because the sky was flashing lighning bolts and i knew the house was safe (and i wanted to go to bed).

In the morning we had no power, a nightmare start to the day for a tragic coffee addict, even more so when i realised we had no gas for the bbq and i'd have to light a fire. But a bigger thing, the distant roar, made me forget these troubles and hike down the driveway with monkeyboy perched up on my shoulders. What we saw was fences down, logs, debris and even big boulders washed up onto the paddock, trees knocked over and my causeway looking more like a 4wd obstacle course. The water was still deep and fast but had dropped considerably overnight, the signs of where it had been put the level at about 15 to 20 ft above the causeway.

By far it was the biggest flood we've seen since being here and the old farmer next door told me today he'd only seen something higher once in his lifetime. The creek has been redesigned and we're looking forward to enjoying cleaned out swimming holes and the post-flood addiction of finding crystals and fossils in the turned over rocks and gravel. Not so fun will be repairing fences and waiting for a bulldozer to be sent out to clear the causeway so we can drive beyond the front gate (we have our little car parked in the neighbours shed and can drive our ute to the front gate, then hike half a km up to our car ..but its a fkin pain in the ass to do).

Saturday the water was to high to cross all day and we had no power until that night, so not just coffee but breakfast and dinner ended up being cooked on an open fire. The worst thing was we had no idea what was happening outside of our place (forgot to make sure the radio had batteries), until that is the phone started to ring. It began before 9am and continued all day and night as all these friends and family from around the country phoned to say they'd heard about it on the news and wnated to know what was happening, so did i. Brilliant though to have long overdue chats with the likes of mr ahem and ms roxy.

Power was restored just as dusk fell, great timing and i quickly switched on the tv to see the last bit of abc news. Two minutes later we had a power surge and the tv wnet "pop" and hasn't worked since ...arggghhhhhh i think is the bets way to sum it up, but the internets came to my rescue, although at a slow dial-up pace, and i finally got to see parts of Murbah under water and all the rest. The tale of the 700 doofers stuck on an island was a funny one, said to be "quite content and happy" to stay put for now.

Sunday arvo i was able to get out and see Tyalgum, the water came up through the pub and lapped the front door of a few houses, piles of mud and debris washed up into piles at the side of the road by the firies. The shop was a buzz with people with tales to tell as we sat around, one friend of our still looking for his horse that was last seen in a paddock next the creek (they are downstream from us about 2km). The road to town is said to be a mess and am looking forward to escaping my valley in a few days and checking it out. Has been about ten days since i've been anyplace further then the village, going a bit stircrazy, but if you have a choice of place to be stranded this one is not too bad. For now we have just been resupplied with food by AJ's parents who love the adventure of coming out at times like this ... they also brought us a little tv that i was able to pop up on my shoulder and carry across the water.

Heres a few photos i took on Saturday ...then the camera said "card full" and i couldn't upload them onto anything until we had some power ... D'oh !! Plan to get down there tomorrow and do some more ...maybe do another post in a few days.

the fence along our driveway...


monkeyboy at our front gate ....


our creek causeway ... the pile of rocks across the way is the road ...


seeya :)
8th-Jan-2008 12:30 pm (UTC) - Re: 700 doofers sitting on an island ....
Saw some footage on the yokel news tonight and it looked like they just kept the party going ...must have had some extra fuel ...or syphoned it out of everyones cars for "the cause".

Some mates might have ended up going and i think it was a four day festy so most would have been well stocked up on supplies ....anyway mother nature had filled the cow paddocks around here with bucket loads of free psycodelics this year, so with any luck :)

Would definitely be a weekend to remember (not that i would like to replicate it here)
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