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News From Hicksville
some names have been changed to protect the innocent.
a clunky update 
21st-Dec-2007 10:03 pm
I'm sitting here writing this on ye olde clunker after what seems to be a be a malfunction on the beasty pc. Only just worked out it wasn't the usual net being down in hicksville day after day that was stopping me connecting, a common occurance here lately. So this is the first time i've been online for over a week, and what a week it has been.

It all started last Friday with AJ and i planning to have a kid free day and give our selves some "us time". Then mum phoned to say my long suffering and dying grandfather was doing just that after bursting an artery in off his asbestos destroyed lung. So we dropped of kid as planned then headed for the hospital. Was a very traumatic morning, with most of the family making it in time to say goodbye, even though he was out cold on the morphine and unable to see us.
We then had my aunties two youngest (6&14) come and stay for the weekend so their mum could be with Nan ...the 14 year old hardly seen as all she wanted to do was jack into myspace and chat on msn the whole time (the last time my modem worked properly ??)
Funeral was on Wednesday, i wasn't all that close to him but was honoured as his oldest grandson to help carry the casket but left the talking to others in the family who knew him better. Was also strangely proud of mt family who have been quiet good at being completely fucked up and fueding off and on for the last few decades. We are the functional disfunctional family, the peace is kept by avoidance of too many of us together at once. However now we have rallied to support my Nan, put aside our petty differences and ignoring the things about each other that gives us the shits. I do hope though that we continue to keep out of each others business and not get too friendly and relying on each other as that usually ends up bad pretty quick.

The rest of the week was loads of regen work as we scramble to finish off these sites before the end of year. Had a bit of a hike up Mt Springbrook last Monday, enjoying a shower under this amazing 150m waterfall on a stinky hot summers day, will post some pics when i have the pc back online. Sunday we did the Uki markets to finish off the few xmas bits we needed (just doing kids this year ...but fuk there's lots of them now), after which we went to see monkeyboys kindy-gym/circus school end of year show.
His class just had about five minutes at the start to show off their skills at hanging from the trapese bar, running along a beam and threw a tunnel. Then we sat through all the older kids performances and got our first taste of the chaos that is backstage at these sorts of events, with about 150 kids trying to get dressed up, paint faces and do last minute practice of spinning hoops and cartwheels.

Xmas plans are going to be us staying over at AJ's parents place and doing all the tinsel drenched traditional stuff, not thinking they will like me switching off the carols on tv to see the southpark special that night? The we do lunch with all my family at Nans place, followed by my sister and her family coming back to the farm to stay a few nights.
AJ and i will do a little something to celebrate the solstice tomorrow night, and monkeyboy will get a few of his presents then as well. He's noticing all the festive stuff for the first time this year, especially the dodgy fatman in the red suit who gives him cool things ...except the one at the mall who just asked what he wanted, posed for a photo and then wouldn't give him the present, even when he hung around waiting for it (he asked for a duck ... sending his grandmother on a shopping spree to find as many duck things she could)
NYE will be the Little Bit Of A Back To The Land this year with just a few friends, a bit of music, fire, food, fun and sampling of summers best little surprises we have been finding all over the paddocks this year ... mmmmmm psychodelicious.

If i don't do another entry til then ... happy whatever you celebrate to anyone who has read my drivel this year, hope you all survive it well and enjoy it all.

A big congrats to P&A for the new baby ... can someone in sincity please give them both a big kiss and buy the new dad a beer from us ? thanks :)
23rd-Dec-2007 07:08 am (UTC)
Sorry about your Grandfather :(

Monkeyboy and Xmas concert?! MUST see pics of that!

Wish we could be there for NYE... I think it will be champagne and fireworks on the telly for us this year :)
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