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News From Hicksville
some names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Mr Bush ...Fuck Off 
4th-Sep-2007 11:16 pm
jarrah rocks
Just saw Dubyas plane arriving in Sin-city on the tv. So much i want to say ...but why bother going on and on ...the guys an evil bastard and i just want him to fuck off ...please.

And so the show begins and my little home town is hacked in half by a fence, gutted of its life and over run by stormtroopers and politicians. Probably the best statement the protest could make is to not give the watercannon gunner the satisfaction and just not show up. But seeing as thats not going to happen , i hope those that want to be peaceful are successful and those that want to have a bit more fun don't get hurt in the process.
The sales pitch for this thing? Sorry dudes i'm not buying it, especially at a cost of $30 million, plus the millions lost by people living and working there.
Putting our country at the centre of global attention for a week? Well possibly get that fluffy bunny story at the end of the news bulletin when we dress the world leaders up in our national dress of ugg boots and blue stubbies. Otherwise i think more people around the world probably tune in and notice us when there's been some dingo eating a backpacker or similar sporting event.
Then there's the selling point of the almighty trade increase that only come from showing of our harbour to the president of Russia or Ecuador. We spend shitloads of money shutting down the city, wine, dine and provide who knows what kinds of bizzare entertainment so they will buy our coal and yellow cake ....that makes sense, about as much as this appearance by our Dear Leader and his ministers to make the biggest issue on the agenda appear to be climate change.
So now he's an environmental crusader? The man who kept his head stuck in the sand on these issues now claims that he's responsible for climate change to even be on the agenda at Apec. Another great piece of propaganda bullshit brought to you by the people who created other great hits like, babys in the ocean and we control the economy.

Hope all my Sincity friends keep safe and sane during it all ...maybe Mother Nature will give them one of those extreme weather events we've been experiencing this year.
5th-Sep-2007 02:36 am (UTC)
it's all a bit over the top aint it. i just read an article ..bush to howard "im looking forward to you buying my lunch today'
i hate that my tax money is being spent on things like this, i hope they choke on their overpriced steak.

i gasped in horror when i saw these guys on lateline, very proud hiolding their flag

i suggest you take a deep breath before reading the site, and please dont punch your poota scrren.

5th-Sep-2007 12:43 pm (UTC)
Saw that bit of lateline also ....probably a sub-branch of the Young Liberals.

Will go check out their site ... i have a spare monitor in the shed so am willing to take the risk.
5th-Sep-2007 11:51 pm (UTC) - An adventure in the city
I ventured into the city yesterday to check it out, oh, and buy a tie for a wedding I'm attending on Sunday. I've gotta say, it's kinda weird walking down George Street with the constant sound of choppers overhead and blue bomber jackets with guns every few hundred metres. That was all expected but nothing made me laugh as much as a convoy of dark painted vehicles driving through the city streets with the words "public order and riot police" spread across them and the water cannon truck in the middle of the connvoyy. They were driving the water cannon truck down Market Street past Pitt Street mall. You have to be on high alert with those crazy Myer bargain shoppers about. The funniest part of it all were the baboons leering from the open doors of these vehicles as they drove through the city dressed in riot gear with guns at the ready. Sheesh, I know that Pitt Street mall is full of suits and bad ties, but hey, that was just a little too comedic, not to mention the stern looks blazened across each face. What a wank!

Either I'm incredibly naieve and don't realise how incredibly dangerous Sydney has become or the authorities are extremely paranoid and keen to have the party without the neighbours complaining about its impact to their lifestyle and well being.
5th-Sep-2007 11:56 pm (UTC) - Re: An adventure in the city
Hehehe, imagine the riot vehicles they'd have to have if APEC was during the Boxing Day sales then!
6th-Sep-2007 12:00 am (UTC) - Re: An adventure in the city
There'd be tanks for the boxing day sales and they will still have the water cannon. It could be used in fire fighting during summer so that we get value for our tax dollars.
6th-Sep-2007 12:06 am (UTC) - Re: An adventure in the city
What about the water restrictions though? Could be best to fill the water cannons with spray cheese or something?
6th-Sep-2007 01:19 pm (UTC) - Re: An adventure in the city

Sounds just how i expected things to be ... it must be bizzare and in some ways am so very glad i'm 1000 km away ... in other ways i wish i was there so i could experience it.

5th-Sep-2007 11:54 pm (UTC)
I had to laugh/cry when I saw the footage of Bush's 'twighlight cruise across the harbour' to dinner with John and Janette... wonder how much it cost to shut down the harbour for an hour?

The fact that Bush is here makes me shudder. Can't get past the fact that my hard earned tax dollars are being spent on this, that $300 million would do so much for our hospitals :/
6th-Sep-2007 12:39 pm (UTC)

Its actually more like $355 million, with an extra $2 million a day for Dubya's desicion to come early so he could try and scare/impress the guy who's about to pinch johnnys job ....plus i read there's over $550 million in lost business to Sin-city, then i hear about all the little things like the blood bank having to close down its busiest donation centre in the CBD, at a time when supplies are already low due to the flu outbreak.

.....but it put us on the world map :)

...i'd rather have the Olympics again, much more friendly and cheaper.

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