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News From Hicksville
some names have been changed to protect the innocent.
January 29th, 2008 
10:27 pm - odds and sodds
jarrah rocks
Monkeyboy back to preschool today ... so parents take off to the Gold Coast and see monster movie and enjoy a kid free lunch of kebabs on the beach before racing back to pick up our much loved one. He loves school and this year he'll be going two days a week, giving us the oportunity to have a day a week we can both get stuck into work around the property together, all the stuff thats too nasty or dangerous for a three year old who is always so keen to help, to be anyplace near.

In other news from hicksville, its starting to dry out at last. Must have had three consecutive days without rain last week, the first in a couple of months. So our mudslide driveway is no more and we've started to even out the causeway and fill in the gutted section of road ourselves. The water has dropped considerably and we enjoyed the first drive across it last friday in the paddock basher ute, still a bit rough to put the family car through for now.

My work sites have dried out as well so i've finally been able to get out and make some money, lots has been trashed but am finding mother nature has wiped out big infestations of weeds, leaving an easy job for us to follow up and get on top of large areas quicker then we hoped.

Spent the long weekend sitting on the mower after letting the place go a tad feral over the last few months. Saturday we also put in our bit to help L&A&I&M do the big move out of Murbah and onto a little block up in the hills. Opposite direction out of town from us, but still close by, and now en route to the beach. Nice place and am sure they have finally found something more like what they moved up here for.

BTW: the movie we saw today was I Am Legend , turned out to be not too bad and well worth seeing, except for all the god and the american flag crap in the final minutes. Main reason that i went though was to hear the vocal talents of Mr Patton at last being put to use creating all the howls and screams of movie nasties, brilliantly done of course.

monkeyboy's stick-insect ...... less mess then a puppy :)Collapse )
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