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News From Hicksville
some names have been changed to protect the innocent.
January 22nd, 2008 
11:48 pm(no subject)
Finally we are getting some sunshine in our little corner of the planet, tiny little spurts now and then, yesterday it even shone for a good three hours before again the sky was cloudy and the inevitable rain.

Kind of fucking sick of the wet now, of course knowing full well that we're going to suffer when we finally get some summer sun. For the last six weeks or more it has rained every day except for maybe four or five days. Before the flood two weeks ago everything was already 110% saturated, since then the flat paddocks have stayed like swamps with a few inches of water, deeper in the depressions, the drains from the dams and along the driveway have a continuos slow flow happening and every time we have a shower over 20mm it all just rushes into the creek and brings it up so get landlocked again.

Meanwhile we fight the mould invading our house and everything in it. Outside the high traffic areas are getting a bit sloshy, but nothing compared to the mud along the driveway. The lowest section still has water flowing across it from the neighbours paddock draining and is a big mess, but most of the rest is not much better and the ute struggles to get a grip.

Our causeway is still rooted and uncrossable by anything except a big truck or 4wd, and thats only because a neighbour came over with his tractor and leveled out the rocks. The local council have so far just come out and taken photos of it, imagine though we are far down the list of priorities as mush of this part of the shire was smashed apart that weekend. Biggest was the Rocky Cutting along the road from Tyalgum to Murbah (site for the big dam fiasco btw), this is where the river comes right next to the road and on the night it came up about 15 metres and ripped apart the bank, taking a third of the road with it.

Best flood story was that of a young bull on a farm a few valleys north of ours at Limpinwood. It was swept away in the surging creek, turning up a day later, alive and swimming down near Fingal, just a few km's from the ocean. That's almost 100 km of winding rivers, over or under half a dozen concrete bridges, flooded trees, waterfalls and rock faces.

Have been unable to get out and do regen work of the paid variety due to the wet, but finally did today and the rest of the week looks promising. Many bad dvds and a couple of good books, but some days of stir craziness have been inevitable for all of us, even a monkeyboy can get tired of jumping in puddles, but we at least have the car on the outside and have been able to get out now and then. Visitors though have been scarce, only L&A being keen enough to cross the creek on foot and ride up to the house on the back of the ute.

Needing a bit of a break, we sent the monkeyboy off to stay at grand parents houses (they take turns) over the weekend. Didn't do anything special, except for a day trip to the markets, just enjoyed having AJ to myself for a few days and nights .. and of course the much missed sleeping in past 7am.

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