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News From Hicksville
some names have been changed to protect the innocent.
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18th-Nov-2007 11:06 pm - a couple of pics
A couple more photos for ms whiskertickle from my last hike into the forests ...but you all can enjoy :)

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18th-Nov-2007 10:19 pm - six more sleeps ...
jarrah rocks
Six Sleeps !!!!!

Please let it be true that we are about to say goodbye to the vile little toad ......

14th-Nov-2007 10:41 pm - a long overdue post ......
jarrah rocks
Jeebers i've been slack with this LJ stuff of late .... four weeks since my last confession, and that was just a anti-johnny rant and not much of a report on whats been happening up here in hicksville.

Easier then thinking of what to write about i just uploaded a few pics from the last month that will fill you all in on what i've been up too ...well the stuff i took photos of at least.

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14th-Oct-2007 11:16 pm - Bring It On ....
stimpy in toilet
Finally the rat has been backed as far into the corner as he can get and is hopefully now going to get splattered as he comes out to fight.

Going to be hard not to loose faith in the rest of the dumb monkeys to not fall for the campaign of fear these bastards know how to peddle so very well by now.

Please be it time for people to look beyond the lie that these people are responsible for the good lifestyles we enjoy through our own intelligence ..and a bit of booming world trade in our dirt. We all stop turning a blind eye to how morally bankrupt the rat and his assorted goons have been and reclaim some freedom and respect again.
24th-Sep-2007 09:31 am(no subject)
jarrah rocks
Congratulations to mr ahem and ms ville ... well done to you all, now the real fun begins :)

The northern hicksville carny got together yesterday to toast the arrival with some cheap bubbly stuff.

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5th-Sep-2007 11:26 pm - the new enemy
jarrah rocks

4th-Sep-2007 11:16 pm - Mr Bush ...Fuck Off
jarrah rocks
Just saw Dubyas plane arriving in Sin-city on the tv. So much i want to say ...but why bother going on and on ...the guys an evil bastard and i just want him to fuck off ...please.

And so the show begins and my little home town is hacked in half by a fence, gutted of its life and over run by stormtroopers and politicians. Probably the best statement the protest could make is to not give the watercannon gunner the satisfaction and just not show up. But seeing as thats not going to happen , i hope those that want to be peaceful are successful and those that want to have a bit more fun don't get hurt in the process.
The sales pitch for this thing? Sorry dudes i'm not buying it, especially at a cost of $30 million, plus the millions lost by people living and working there.
Putting our country at the centre of global attention for a week? Well possibly get that fluffy bunny story at the end of the news bulletin when we dress the world leaders up in our national dress of ugg boots and blue stubbies. Otherwise i think more people around the world probably tune in and notice us when there's been some dingo eating a backpacker or similar sporting event.
Then there's the selling point of the almighty trade increase that only come from showing of our harbour to the president of Russia or Ecuador. We spend shitloads of money shutting down the city, wine, dine and provide who knows what kinds of bizzare entertainment so they will buy our coal and yellow cake ....that makes sense, about as much as this appearance by our Dear Leader and his ministers to make the biggest issue on the agenda appear to be climate change.
So now he's an environmental crusader? The man who kept his head stuck in the sand on these issues now claims that he's responsible for climate change to even be on the agenda at Apec. Another great piece of propaganda bullshit brought to you by the people who created other great hits like, babys in the ocean and we control the economy.

Hope all my Sincity friends keep safe and sane during it all ...maybe Mother Nature will give them one of those extreme weather events we've been experiencing this year.
21st-Aug-2007 10:19 pm - drought? what drought?
jarrah rocks
Just keeps raining, non stop drizzle pretty much since yesterday. Plus it pissed down in the early hours this morning and again this afternoon giving us over 120mm since Sunday when it began.

Looking at my rain records for the year, that's the best rainfall event all year and the only one to come close was spread out over about ten days, way, way back in Febuary.

Everything is completely soaked, including a couple of miserable looking donkeys and the creek has just started to flow again for the first time in four months.

This is also the first drop of rain since 23 of June, when we had a miserable 16mm. The total rainfall on the farm for this year has been only 548mm.

Anyway i miss out on being able to go to work but have been keeping myself busy cleaning out the shed and fiddling with the new poot, best of all slipping on the gumboots for some puddle jumping fun with the monkeyboy.

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19th-Aug-2007 10:55 pm - wet wet wet
jarrah rocks
Firstly ... a belated happy birthday to Mr Ahem, hope you had a good one mate.

Secondly ...it started to rain last night about 10pm and its still going now. Never anything heavy, just a constant drizzle thats soaking everything and standing on the verandah this arvo i could already see areas in the paddock turning green and feeling the land start to grow again after being frozen and dried out for months on end.
Of course its all because i went and bought 10,000 litres of water last Monday :)

Been a busy week with a wiggly kids show, some wiggly weed killing work and a bloody unreal day out on Thursday with some bush-regen mates, hiking off in the wilds hunting for some caves we'd heard about. We found them and will edit the pics for an upload in the next few days and tell about the adventures then ....
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